Artist Statement

My arts practice is an archive of experience, the visible evidence of a challenging yet compassionate passage through life.

As a generative process, I allow myself to be vulnerable to whatever I may encounter, then pour my observations and reactions into my work. Each piece is a concentrated effort that considers the unique characteristics of the observed. I embed my joys and tribulations into my creations using the visceral materials of wax, pigment, and heat.

The encaustic medium feeds my curiosity. Every piece begins as a provocation, only to unfold as discovery. I welcome the incongruities and variations of this form and make use of them as inspiration. The process cycles between layering and erasing, shaping and analyzing. These alternating modes carve away at the mystery of a piece and imprint of a sense of internal veracity.

My life and works are bound by intuition, engagement, and resilience. The intent of my work is to provide the viewers an opportunity to translate their own personal vision.